Trowbridge Camera Club

We are a well established, ever-growing, diverse, modern and active camera club, who are enthusiastic about our photography. We meet weekly between August and April and we hold practical evenings, host external speakers on a variety of photographic subjects, internal and inter-club competitions, critique evenings and presentations from members. If you are interested in joining us, perhaps you’d like to look at our programme, or find out how to join.

Meetings are normally held on Thursday evenings from the first week in September, however it was decided that under the, then current restrictions it was impossible to safely hold physical meetings for the 20/21 Season at the club, so meetings were held online using Zoom.

As the situation has improved significantly recently, we are hoping to resume meetings at the club for the 21/22 Season. We will be retaining online Zoom meeting facility, with a possibility of attracting speakers who are remotely located, but we will be aiming to conduct all meetings at the club.

Keep an eye on the news pages for up to date posts.

Looking forward to welcoming back all members old and new in September.

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