9th SeptemberWelcome EveningSubs due.
Reminder about DPI competition 1 – Open
Welcome back and an opportunity for any new members to meet us all. There will an open discussion about the coming season. Programme line up to December will be presented by the Programme Secretary.
16th SeptemberClive GreenlandPlan, Photograph, Process, Print

Submissions due for DPI competition 1 – Open
A great introduction to the season by our old friend Clive Greenland.
23rd SeptemberTony WorobiecNight & Low Light Photography
Author of 17 books, Tony Worobiec studied fine art at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne and spent 18 years as head of a large design faculty in Dorset. He has won awards for photography in the UK and internationally, and has had work exhibited in London’s Barbican Gallery, Bradford’s National Museum of Photography, The Menier Gallery London and The Fox Talbot Museum Lacock.
30th SeptemberSara HarpleyDPI Competition 1 – OpenAn introduction to the season, particularly aimed at new members whilst still allowing existing members to show what they have been working since last season.
7th OctoberRoger HanceSports & Action Photography

Reminder about “Selfie” Members evening
Roger Hance FRPS is a multi-award winning photographer specialising in stunning natural history, landscape, portraits, sport and photojournalism.
14th OctoberGary NichollsThe Imaginarium – Reality Is For People Without Imagination

Reminder about “Selfie” Members evening
Artists Statement – I explore the darker side of life to evoke the feelings and emotions in my work and create themed images each to usher the view into the sacred arena of my imagination, challenging them to fantasise about a magical space that is the theatre of art.
21st OctoberMembers EveningSelfie!
Submissions due for DPI Competition 2 – Wiltshire Architecture
Members Selfies – Let your Creativity run wild.
28th OctoberPete BarlettThe way we were
Change to the published Programme.
Unfortunately our good friend Fez Parker who was due to present to us on 28th October has had some technical issues . Therefore we have had to delay his talk on Drones until later in the season.
At very short notice we have secured a very worthy alternative. Pete Bartlett ARPS. will present his talk “The Way We Were” which charts his journey with Street and Urban Photography.
4th NovemberRobert Phelps, Bristol Photographic SocietyDPI Competition 2 – Wiltshire ArchitectureEver popular competition on one our of standard themes but with a twist – the image is to be taken in Wiltshire.
11th NovemberMembers EveningMy Favourite 3 Images
Reminder about BENT Competition
3 Images from each member that they are particularly proud of and an opportunity to explain why they think the are so special.
18th NovemberJeanette LendonThe Art of Smartphone Photography
We used to have phones that took photos. we now have cameras that make phone calls. If you own a smartphone, then you own a camera, and if you own a camera, you have the tools to create stunning images and video content. Smartphone photography has gained greater kudos over the last few years, mainly due to the fact that the camera capabilities on phones can now rival DSLRs.
25th NovemberTony Gervis FRPSOne man and his vanA wild tale of a solo trip of 19000 miles in his camper van across Europe, Turkey ,Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and several more stans, Russia, Belarus and more.
Guaranteed to be an entertaining evening!
2nd DecemberDr David SadlerAnd Now for Something Completely Different

Submissions due for BENT DPI competition
Professionally a forensic pathologist, but in his soul a punk rocker who loves skateboarding, his wacky selfies, using a fish eye lens, reflected his unique take on the world. His presentation had us laughing out loud at his wonderfully humorous images complete with imaginative titles and added text.
9th DecemberBENT
1: changed by bending out of an originally straight or even condition
2: strongly inclined
3 slang. a: different from the normal or usual
Members’ Critique –
2 images from each member 1 mono, 1 colour – theme BENT
No external judge this time . Just your fellow club members to look at and be entertained with your images on the chosen theme. We may award placing if we can work out how to do it!!
16th DecemberA seasonal get togetherThe format of this to be decided
6th JanuaryAndy Marland ARPSThe Industrial Tourist -A photographic Journey through the Industrial NorthA thought provoking talk takes us on a wander through the remnants of the northern Industrial landscapes
13th JanuaryAGMZoom Session – All members.
20th JanuarySimon Caplan LRPSOut Of The DarkIn this talk Simon introduces us to the art of still life photography
27th JanuaryGeorge Reekie DPAGB, ABPETechnical Evening – Competition Photography – how I go about it.

Submissions due for DPI Competition 3 – Flora & Fauna
A look at how to get the best out of your competition entries. George has promised a fun evening of experiences and anecdotes
3rd FebruaryMembers EveningAn Evening With Terrick – IN THE HALL ONLYA journey through lifetime of images from Terrick’s vast archive . We would welcome as many of our member into the hall for this event as it involves viewing many beautifully prepared prints.
10th FebruaryJudge – John Hudson ARPS,DPAGB,SPA,ASPSDPI Competition 3 – Flora & Fauna DPIJohn is a very experienced Judge and an international award winning photographer. John is a member of Bristol PS and this will likely be a Zoom session, or John will come to the hall if the situation permits.
17th FebruaryAllison Webber FRPSLife Through an Aspergic LensHow Autism has helped Alison define her individual photographic style and creativity.
24th FebruaryPhoto Shoot (Proposed)IN THE HALL ONLY – Models/Theme to be decidedLet’s get the very popular photo shoots going again!